Coughing Up Green Mucus

Coughing up green mucus is enough to alarm just about anyone. After all, don’t you remember the doctor telling you that green or yellow mucus is a sign of an infection? Well, the fact is you cant determine whether it’s an infection solely on the color; you need to look at a few other things. If you’re coughing up green mucus, don’t worry, as I’m about to go over what the cause may be and how you can cure it.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand what mucus is. Basically, mucus is a fluid produced through various mucus membranes we have inside our body, such as our noses. It’s normal to see some mucus production, but when it starts getting heavy and changing color, that’s when you know there’s a serious problem lurking.

The human body is a complex machine that we still don’t fully understand. Although, we do know that when our body suffers from a cold, flu or other type of illness, its response is to create excess mucus. Nearly everyone has suffered from a cold in which they could just feel the mucus draining down their nose and throat. While most people would prefer to not have this excess mucus, it does serve a purpose – to help flush out the infection that’s taking over your body. When the mucus starts draining, the infection goes with it.

coughing up green mucusNow, let’s take a look at what it means when you’re coughing up mucus that’s green. Ideally, the only color mucus you want is clear, as this means there is no infection taking place. If it’s green, this is a good sign of an infection. So what makes the mucus a green color? It’s actually not the bacteria or virus, but instead it’s an over abundance of green-colored enzymes produced by the mucus membranes. The result is a visibly green mucus produced. This enzyme is typically only produced in large quantities when there is a serious infection taking over.

Green mucus could also be the sign of an allergic reaction. During pollen season, millions of people suffer from an excess of green mucus production. If you believe allergies may be the cause, try some over the counter medicine, such as Claritin. If that doesn’t help, see a doctor and they may prescribe you something stronger.

To help your green mucus clear up more quickly, you should consume 8 glasses of 8 oz of water per day. If you’re not used to drinking water, this might seem like a lot of H2O to consume, but it’s important to help your body flush out what’s causing the green mucus. Also, be sure you’re supplementing your diet with a heavy dose of vitamin C. It’s no secret that vitamin C is an immune system booster and helps fight colds.

It’s a troubling sign when you see green mucus, but you shouldn’t panic. Take control of your health, find out what the cause is, and work to treat it. Before you know it, your sinuses will clear up and you’ll find yourself breathing freely again.